Tips for Preparing Your Employees for an Office Move

Prepare Employees for Office Moving

An office move is an exciting time. Whether the business is moving because it is expanding or whether it is simply time to find a new home, the change is usually welcome.

But office moving can also be a stressful event, even with the help of professional office movers. This is particularly true for management who has to prepare employees to ensure a frictionless moving day.

Taking the time to create a sound moving plan and putting that plan into practice is a key to success.

Here, Calgary Office Movers offers you office moving tips for employees and a thorough, well-thought-out office moving plan that we have created over our many years in the business. With this, office move instructions for employees are much easier to manage to ensure success during your office move.

We advise the management of any company planning an office move to show the most excitement and optimism they can. To staff, moving location can seem like a lot of hassle with little benefit to themselves, but by promoting a positive front the management can create excitement and ensure that each employee does their bit.

Step One: Provide Employees with Office Relocation Information Early

When taking on an office relocation it is important to make employees updated the move as and when you receive information. This way, when the final office move instructions for employees are sent out, no employee is left unaware.

Employees do not need to know about every detail surrounding the office move but it is important to communicate the most significant details to them. Namely, these are the date of the move, the new office’s address, and the part that you expect them to play.

Give the employees the reason for the move and explain how the new office location will benefit both the employees and the company at large.

Employees must know the information in a reasonable time so that anyone with an extended commute or difficult circumstances can go to management and discuss their situation.

One of the best ways to do this is to write an office move memo to employees. An office relocation announcement sample is here on the next step.

Step Two: Write an Office Relocation Announcement

By writing a memo to employees, you ensure that everyone, regardless of their position, will receive notice of the imminent move. Here is an office relocation announcement sample that can be used as a template for your business. It is brief but to the point and can be edited for your specific needs. Simply send out via email to all employees to let them know where the office is moving.

“To All Employees,

We are delighted to announce that [Insert Company Name] is moving!

Our new premises will be at [Insert New Address].

Our contact number and email addresses will continue to remain the same though all mail will be rerouted to the new address.

We are sending an email to clients to inform them of the change and let them know there might be some disruption in communication.

We have decided to move because [Insert Reasons].

If the new location causes any problems for anyone, please come to management to discuss them.

We believe that the new office location will be beneficial for all at [Insert Company Name] for a number of reasons. Among these are [Insert Reasons].

Shortly, we will be sending out office move instructions for employees to outline everybody’s expected responsibilities in the run-up to the move. This will include a plan and office moving tips for employees.

Please continue to check your email for this.

After the move to our new location, we will be celebrating. Please let us know of any office move celebration ideas you may have!

We are being helped in the move by [Insert a Moving Company Name] and are confident that the change to our new location will go smoothly.

Best wishes,

The Management”

During this stage, it is also a good idea to split the work of preparing employees into groups. If there are departments within your office, then department heads can be given the job of managing each department.

When you have made a plan and the responsibilities for move preparation have been divided among staff, a plan can be sent out.

Step Three: Show Employees the New Office

Showing employees the new office space is an exciting time. Here, you can gauge their reaction and respond to any concerns.

Prior to the demonstration, think of questions to ask staff when moving office locations. For example, ask each area if there are any absolute necessities for the job they do. This can help rearrange the space at the new office location and avoid having to move equipment and furniture again.

For example:

Tthe IT Support Team needs to have easy access to the server room, so they shouldn’t be put at the opposite end of the building.

Step Four: Decide on New Layout

Office moves require thorough planning, and part of the process is the decision on where to place your office furniture and equipment in the new location. This can be done after asking employees their opinions, and in partnership with ideas from management, a decision can be reached.

It is integral to review the floor plan of the new office location at this moment. Calgary Office Movers can help in this review to ensure all equipment is in its optimal location.

This helps our professional office movers’ outfit during the move because you will be able to give us direct instructions and we can craft our work process accordingly.

Similarly, having a throughout and planned new layout saves you the hassle of having to move equipment or furniture in the future, or the added expense of hiring the company again.

If decorations for the new location have not yet been decided upon then, this is the ideal time to do so. A colourful room can produce a happier environment and interesting textures make the space an enjoyable experience. While functionality is key, the well-being of employees must also be considered as a priority. Upgraded office furniture, such as desk chairs, is an obvious sign that the company is caring for its staff.

Step Five: Organize/Prepare for Move

An office move is a good time to declutter and assess the various pieces of furniture, electronic equipment and other item that the company has accumulated over the years.

It is important to find out exactly what staff uses each working day. Are there non-essential items that nobody uses, and which are not relevant to company operations? If so, they can be sold, donated or thrown away if hazardous. Which items are useful to them and which are not? Listening to these concerns is a good way to promote employee involvement in the office move.

Decide on what is worth keeping and what is not.

Will you have more or less room at your new office location?

Do you need files from twenty years ago or can they be discarded? 

During this stage, management needs to encourage employees to be involved in the organization of their personal areas. The desks they use and the equipment in their work area should be stored safely and moved to the areas located for transport.

Liaise with the team leaders you have already assigned, to ensure that preparation work is going smoothly. 

Step Six: Moving Day - Remember to Communicate with the Staff and the Office Movers

It is the day of the big move and with any luck, everything should go according to plan. You will likely be very busy on this day. But it is important to keep communication with your employees and with your moving company. By ensuring a constant flow of communication, issues can be resolved as and when they arise.

Step Seven: Ensure Everything is Where it Should Be

Once the office relocation has been completed, assess its success and check if everything is where it should be. Check the locations of equipment and office furniture against the plans made beforehand. If any confusion arose during the move and an item was misplaced, then now is the time to fix this.

Check with the leaders of each department that were responsible for overseeing the move in their area to ensure everything is organized. Ask staff if they are happy with their new environment and address concerns.

This is also the time to review your new surroundings and add additional decorative touches. Empty spaces can be filled by extra chairs and plants to add comfort.

This is the time to really make the benefit of the new office location obvious!

Step Eight: Send Post-relocation Emails

Once the move has been finalized and everything is set, it is time to send out post-relocation emails.

An email should be sent to employees to say that the move was successful. Details should be given about the new office, including reminders regarding accesses, parking, and any related necessary information.

This is also the time to send a reminder that you will be celebrating your new location and that you are still accepting office move celebration ideas!

Next, a reminder email should be sent out to clients to notify them that the move was a success and you are now set up in your new location. If you are inviting any clients to the new location celebration then this is a good opportunity to include details like the directions, the dress code etc. 

Step Nine: Celebrate the Move!

After a lot of hard work and effort put in across the company, now is the time to celebrate!

It is important to thank the employees for their part in the success of the office move and to reiterate that the new location will bring many benefits.

Now relax and enjoy yourselves in your new location by looking forward to a brighter business future in superb surroundings.



And that is it! Sound preparation of both your employees and you for a move to a new office location is key to the success.

While an office move can take weeks or months to prepare for, depending on the size of your business, the hard work will eventually pay off.

Remember that with professional office movers, a daunting task is made much easier. As an experienced and well-trusted company, Calgary Office Movers is the number one choice in the city! We are a customer-focused business that can guide and support you in a move every step of the way.

We hope these office moving tips will help you in your preparation. Good luck!

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