Tips to Find a Reliable Company for Moving Your Business in Calgary

Finding Reliable Office Moving Company

The process of business relocation is a major undertaking and not one that can be planned for in a day. The help you decide to hire has a huge impact on the efficiency, cost and quality of the move and your overall experience.

For commercial moves like that of a business, it is imperative that you find a reliable office moving company able to take on the size and complexity of the job.

In this blog, we’ll offer some ways on how to find reliable office movers in Calgary so that your business relocation goes as well as it possibly can. 

Step One: Ask Around

Recommendations for the best office moving company in town are one of the safest ways to find reliability and trustworthiness in a company. Browse company’s reviews on trusted review websites such as Yelp, BBB, Yellow Pages.

Don’t forget about the old-fashioned recommendations from a friend. Do you have a commercial partner or colleague who has already taken on the task of business relocation? Was their business moving a success and would they employ the services of the office moving company again? Ask for insight from those who have already used the services of an office mover and you will be pointed in the right direction.

Step Two: Look for the Locals

Like many service providers, moving companies that are local to the area are usually best equipped to fulfil and exceed your requirements.

Local movers tend to be easier to access than major, nationwide competitors. This means that you can check out offices and equipment that will be used in your move, as well as speak to the people who will be present on the moving day.

While this might not sound like a huge difference, seeing a friendly face that has already heard your needs and has been with you on every step of the journey on the moving day, is often a great comfort. With a local company, you are more likely to have a constant contact that you can speak to for guidance on any questions or queries. This helps take the stress of those in charge of the business move and generally increase the likelihood of a safe and swift business relocation.

Step Three: Background Check

Once you have identified a potential office moving company for you, it is important to carry out a background check. Unfortunately, there are some bogus moving companies operating in Alberta and those advertising on public forums should be researched before being employed.

One simple way to do this is to search the Canadian Federal Corporation database. This website should have the vast majority of moving companies available online to check out.

If an office moving company is a member of the Canadian Association of Movers, then they can be trusted entirely.

While not as authoritative, Google Reviews can also be a potential source of information. While users should be aware that the reviews here can be fraudulent, common sense can also be used. When a company has hundreds of reviews and a supporting website with a working, contactable phone number, it is a sure bet that they are a legitimate company.

When you have narrowed down your options, request credentials from companies to ensure they are reliable businesses.

Step Four: Get Quotes

Now that you have found a selection of local companies and have performed background checks on any you believe suitable, it is time to grab a quote.

When acquiring quotes, it is important to show the office moving company everything that needs to be moved. We mean everything. This gives the company all the information required to offer a fair quote and helps avoid any hidden charges that might pop up on the day. If you told the moving company that you have ten desks to move and the real number is 20 then the company is within its rights to increase its charge.

Similarly, it is important to show the moving company the route they can move through your current and future office space so that they can estimate a quote accordingly. Carrying heavy equipment and furniture into a ground floor space is not the same as carrying the same heavy items up six floors without a lift. Changes should therefore be expected.

Quotes that are either far too high or far too low should be ignored. The extremely high quote suggests the office moving company is not interested in your job while the very low quote is a cause for concern. Is this business what it says it is? Why are they prepared to charge such a low price?

Step Seven: Do Not Pay a Lump Sum

Any reputable office moving company in Calgary will not ask for a large deposit prior to the moving day.

A certain degree of flexibility is needed here because different moving companies operate in different ways. While some do not require a single dollar prior to the move, others will request a certain percentage to be paid by a certain date in advance. A ballpark figure of 20 - 30 percent is common. Occasionally, for a particularly large business move, the moving company may request more.

However, any reputable moving company will not ask for the large majority of the charge before the date. Be cautious of companies that ask for 60 percent and up. Unfortunately, fraudulent moving companies have been known to perform “hit and runs” on unsuspecting clients after receiving lump sum endowments. Hopefully, your background check will ensure that any unsavoury companies were not considered.

Step Eight: Check Your Contract Thoroughly

Commercial moves tend to be larger jobs than residential moves, so office moving companies often require a contract to be signed.

Prior to signing the contract, read it thoroughly. Ensure that there are no surprise charges stated in the contract that have not yet been mentioned. Check responsibility for breakages and make sure that you’re happy with what the insurance covers. You can check that the details the company gave you match those on the contract. If they do not, simply avoid the company.

Prior to signing, you can also ask to see driving licenses to ensure that they have permits for all roads that will be used during transit.

Make sure you check this thoroughly because once you have signed you will be legally obliged to pay for the services.


For the best business relocation experience, you have to work with the best business moving company.

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