What are the Best Places to Rent Office in Calgary

Top Places to Rent Office in Calgary

Deciding upon the best places to rent an office in Calgary is really asking about your needs as a business and the reasons that you have chosen to move offices in the first place.

Calgary is a moderately sized city and so the options may be limited in comparison to larger urban centers. However, there are still options to consider and places to think about. Here are some of the most important points to assess when deciding on where to rent an office in Calgary.

Proximity to Public Transport

One of the major considerations for a business relocating into a new location is the ease with which to get to the new office. Proximity to public transport is vital because so many employees, colleagues and clients will be using it as a means of arriving to the office.

In Calgary, the Downtown Commercial Core scores the best for being connected to good public transit systems. Many buses go right on through the area and it’s easily reached by the CTrain too.

The Downtown is where all the public transit criss-crosses, so wherever employees or colleagues live they should be able to reach it. Bike lanes are particularly good around this area too. Thanks to this, the Downtown Commercial Core is a great place to relocate your office in Calgary.

In fact, Downtown Calgary has the second largest concentration of head offices in Canada. Clearly, it’s popular! Added to this are the many restaurants, cafes and bars that are dotted throughout the local area. Lots of amenities mean employees will never be lost for something to do or a place to eat during lunch hour.

And How About the Parking?

But public transport isn’t the only way that people complete their commute. Driving is still a major form of transport in the city, particularly for those who live outside of the urban area. For this reason, it is important to consider the roads and congestion that car commuters can face.

The vast majority of private parking lots in Calgary are situated close to the Downtown, West Downtown and Beltline areas.

For those who commute by car, these are the locations that offer the best services.

Keep Enemies Close

They say keep your friends close but your enemies closer, and this same logic can be applied to the choice of your office location.

When considering the best place to rent an office in Calgary, consider where your competitors have theirs. The Hotelling’s Model of Spatial Competition posits that every company wants the best strategical location for their business and so many automatically opt to get as close to that point as possible.

There is also the theory of shared returns which means that grouping together attracts a larger number of clients and though these clients will be shared between more competitors, companies still have a better chance of attracting trade than if they were alone.

So, ask yourself where your competitors are located. For some businesses, being close to your competitors will be more important than others. 

Location that Reflects Your Goals

Appearances count. The same can be said about the office location.

What is it that you want to say about your company to your clients and potential clients? Maybe you’re a young start-up who wants to appear in the thick of things. Then the Beltline is a good option, with its many bars, bookshops and yoga studios. Being so close to Downtown it has an urban edge, but also offers a cultural bohemia with its hip coffee joints and heritage monuments. There are lots of office spaces here, too.

Maybe you prefer to be out of the city but still want that cosmopolitan charm. Then Varsity could be the answer. Located close to the university, there are lots of new builds popping up that could lead to a drop in prices.

How much are You Prepared to Pay?

And of course, overheads have to come into it somewhere. The best places to rent an office in Calgary are often the most expensive. That’s the nature of supply and demand.

Calgary’s 8th Avenue SW, which runs from Downtown to Downtown West End, is among the most expensive streets to rent an office in Canada.

Moving to Temple will reduce costs, but it will also reduce easy access to other businesses and there will be a smaller selection to pick from.

Varsity, meanwhile, could be a good midpoint. 


Deciding upon the best place to rent an office in Calgary is entirely dependent upon the type of business you are and your needs. However, considering some of the options we have discussed is a good way to narrow down the options that you have.

Remember that wherever you decide to rent, Calgary Office Movers are here to help you move. 

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